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작성일 : 02-06-29 16:15
Explorer Finds Evidence Supporting Biblical Flood
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SINOP, Turkey (CHARISMA) -- The man who found the "Titanic" has discovered evidence that could prove the biblical account of The Great Flood. A team led by undersea explorer Robert Ballard has found signs of an old human settlement 300 feet below the surface of the Black Sea, off the coast of Turkey.

The researchers came across the remains of a building and stone tools about 12 miles out to sea, suggesting that people lived there before the area was covered by water, probably around 7,000 years ago. "This is an incredible find," he told Reuters. "It's clear a vast amount of real estate is under water and that a vast amount of people were living around the Black Sea."

The discoveries were made last weekend, in the second week of a 5-week search sponsored by the National Geographic Society. Fredrik Hiebert, chief archaeologist for the Black Sea Project, told the Associated Press: "This find represents the first concrete evidence for the occupation of the Black Sea coast prior to its flooding."

Ballard found indications of an old coastline miles out from the current Black Sea coast on a search last year. He told the AP that the dates of freshwater and saltwater shells found in the area point to "a sudden and dramatic change from a freshwater lake to a saltwater sea."

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(Post date: September 13, 2000)

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