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양화진 외국인 묘원에 묻힌 그리스도의 교회 선교사
 글쓴이 : 조동호
조회 : 3,997  

[htm문서 및 사진 자료]http://kccs.pe.kr/rmp056.htm

협의회 교회사편찬위원장을 맡고 계신 최연기목사님께서 양화진선교회 회장이신 신호철 장로님과 담소하던 중 그리스도의 교회 선교사였던 스프로울리 후버트 데니오가 양화진 외국인 선교사 묘원에 안장되어 계시다는 사실을 알게 되었다. 신호철 장로님께서 집필하신 {양화진 선교사}(대한 예수교장로회 서울서노회, 2004) 279쪽에 소개되고 있다. 한국이름은 전리오(田理悟)이며, 양화진 비문에는 '하나님의 충성된 종'이라고 기록되었다.
스프로울리 후버트 데니오는 로우랜드 스테빙(Rowland Stebbing) 가문의 12대손으로 아버지 휴 데니오(HUGH DENIO)와 어머니 레라 호스킨즈(LELA HOSKINS) 사이에서 일곱 자녀들 가운데 맏이로 1910년 1월 18일 미국 캘리포니아주 베이커스필드에서 태어나서 1964년 6월 10일 한국에서 소천 하셨다. 스프로울리 후버트 데니오(SPROULIE H. DENIO)는 한번도 결혼한 사실이 없으며, 서울에서 선교사로 사역하다가 양화진 외국인 선교사 묘원에 묻혔다.

http://www.yanghwajin.co.kr/sun/sun_book.php (양화진선교회)
http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/a/l/t/Jeannette-Altair/GENE4-0010.html (데니오 선교사)
http://www.genealogy.com/users/a/l/t/Jeannette-Altair-/FILE/0001text.txt (데니오 선교사)

Hugh B. Denio and Lela Hoskins

Hugh B. Denio was born on September 5, 1886. He was only 5 when his family moved from Missouri to California (his family was reported to be living at Cameron Junction, Missouri in 1889). According to his son, Kenneth, Hugh remembers leaving a train station (possible the Bennington, Kansas station) for California in a rainstorm. He also occasionally spoke of an "Uncle Dexter" who would likely have been his father's brother, George Dexter, who lived in Missouri.

Hugh grew up on the Rosedale property and attended Rosedale school(?). His early years were spent farming and driving teams. About the time he was married, he drove a stagecoach between Caliente and Bodfish in the foothills around the Kern River Canyon. He also farmed and later worked as an operating engineer for Union Oil Company in Rio Bravo, Orcutt and McKittrick, California.

Hugh B. Denio married Lela J. Hoskins March 8, 1908 at "Father and Mother Denio's place" (the Rosedale ranch) in Bakersfield, California. They spent their first year of married life on Mrs. Philo Jewuts ranch. They moved from there to the oilfields where they spent one year of oilfield lease work. During this period of time, Lela ran a boarding house. They then moved to 24th and K Streets in Bakersfield. Hugh worked as an engineer for Union Oil Company in later years. The family lived in the communities of Orcutt, McKittrick, and Rio Bravo before moving into Bakersfield. One of the residences they lived in was 924 Oleander Avenue.
They had seven children.

* Sproulie H., born January 18, 1910 at the 24th and K Street house. He was not married and died in Korea on June 10, 1964. He is buried in Seoul, Korea.
* Truman G., born June 29, 1911 at Norris District near Bakersfield. He married June Bertine Aarvig on _______. June died in Bakersfield on May 20, 1986. He died in Bakersfield, California on March 10, 1987.
* Lena Mae, born January 26, 1913 when the family was living at 6th and K Streets in Bakersfield. She married John Hanson on ____________. They had one son, David. After John died, Lena married Wilbur Daly, originally from Michigan. Lena died at Sebastapol, California on June 16, 1990.
* Mabel Lorene, born at the home of Trum and Bertie Denio on October 26, 1914. She married Newell Meyers on April 27, 1937. They had two children, Jane, born on September 30, 1940 and June, born on January 2, 1941.
* Carl Joe, born July 8, 1917, at Avila, San Luis Obispo County, California. He married Nellie Douglas on _____. They had 5 children, Kim, Keri, Karlan, Tammy and Darin. Carl died in Albuquerque, New Mexico on November 20, 1994 and was buried at the Sunset Memorial Park in Albuquerque.
* Kenneth Everett, born at Orcutt, Santa Barbara County, California March 26, 1919. (History follows.)
* Harry Ralph, born April 20, 1921 at Truman and Bertie Denio's home on Pacific Street, East Bakersfield, California. He married Evelyn Hernstedt on May 12, 1945. They had three children, Nancy, Ralph and Truman. Harry died in Ridgecrest, California on March 1, 1996.
Hugh's wife Lela died on March 26, 1949 in Bakersfield, California and was buried March 29, 1949 at the Greenlawn Cemetery in Bakersfield. He married again to Mae Valetta Crawford and lived in Los Gatos, California until his death. He died in San Jose, California on August 1, 1955 and was buried on August 5, 1955 in the Greenlawn Cemetery in Bakersfield.