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The Living Oracles

by Alexander Campbell
Publishers: let customers

Paperback: 540 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.41 x 8.56 x 5.58
Publisher: Gospel Advocate Company; (December 1, 2001)

Amazon.com Sales Rank: 808,187
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The Christian System
by Alexander Campbell

Paperback: 336 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.85 x 8.80 x 5.48
Publisher: Gospel Advocate Company; (December 1, 2001)

Reviewer: Pastor Bob (see more about me) from Colfax, WA USA

The use of the word clergy in my review was Campbells not mine. An avid reader of Campbell, Richardson and other Restoration authors would know that these men used the word clergy to describe professional, denominational ministers. I was merely using Campbells nomenclature to describe Campbells argument. Oh, yes, I read the Bible for myself. I am an avid Bible student, reading it from cover to cover at least a dozen times.

I find it interesting that you focus on the one minor aspect of my review leaving my criticisms of Campbell unanswered: Campbells elevation of reason over revelation; the Lockean philosophical underpinnings of his theology; an view of the Holy Spirit which seems more influenced more by the Enlightenment than the writings of Paul (come to think of it, Campbells view of the Holy Spirit is almost deitist!); the influence of the American Revolution and American democratic traditions in his understanding (I dont dare use interpretation) of the Bible; and his use of non-biblical words such as office to describe ministry and the implications this practice had in bringing into the Restoration churches such non-biblical practices and activities such as church boards, elections, and committees which have turned the focus of the church from ministry to maintenance.

I am sorry, but Campbell is not Saint Paul. He was a man who was brilliant, but flawed. His passion for New Testament Christianity is to be commended, but if we cannot recognize and deal with the flaws, contradictions and mistakes Campbell made, the Restoration Movement becomes the Restoration Monument and our churches will continue to decline both in attendance and influence. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition